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The Sounds of Silence

by on March 10, 2010

We all know how much a mess Toyota is in. More allegations rising up against it, for example, recently a California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor was killed in a crash of his dealer-loaned Lexus.  However, Toyota gave a cold response. “We are unable to comment on this tragic accident until all the facts are known,” read a statement Toyota issued in response to the accident.

“No comment” is a typical response for a company in Toyota’s position. But where executives see “no comment” as a safe and middle-of-the-road statement, the public hears a company trying to deny guilt and shirk responsibility. It manages to keep itself outside the news but this is not reassuring with regards to customers. “Saying nothing, being quiet in these cases has basically the same effect as if you are confrontational”.

This article shows a recent study done by professors in Kellogg school of Management where they consider five experimental situations to test which of the approaches – engaged, defensive or no-comment work as a part of crisis-management in dealing with those situations…

– Nishant

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One Comment
  1. Deepti permalink

    Yes. Crisis management forms an integral part of business.

    Toyota is trying all possible ways to get out of this situation. from what I read, it is sending recalls to each Prius owner and providing them free check-up and replacement.
    No doubt it has no other option than this.

    “Toyota Motor Corp. and federal investigators probed the latest report of sudden acceleration Tuesday, a dramatic incident on a California highway that ricocheted around the Internet.”

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