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Qualities of an effective knowledge worker

by on March 9, 2010

Venessa Miemis pointed me to this piece written by David Gurteen back in 2006.  A group of people who attended the Osney Media European Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Forum sat around and brainstromed a list of attitudes and qualities that make an effective knowledge worker.  Seems like it applies to innovators as well. Here’s a quick sample, but go read the rest.

  • connect people with people
  • connect people with ideas
  • are good networkers
  • do not follow the rules
  • like people
  • feel good about themselves
  • motivate others
  • network for results
  • trustworthy – can be trusted and trusts others
  • make decisions
  • are not insular
  • do not conform
  • push the boundaries
  • assume authority – ask for forgiveness, not permission
  • strong belief in the value of knowledge sharing
  • are informal active leaders
  • good listeners – they listen first
  • playful

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