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Phone Interview

by on March 9, 2010

I was surfing on CNN Money to find some interested things and I found this article: “Don’t wear pajamas for a phone interview”.

So, this blog is a place to discuss about management. I understand that. But it has a “good to know” category and reaches to almost everyone in MSIM Day cohort. Moreover, a lot of us don’t have internship yet, and it is most likely that some of us are going to have phone interviews very soon. Hence, I post this article here. If Professor Kevin doesn’t think it’s appropriate, I will remove it.

To summarize:

1) Phone interview have become the norm.
2) “The first five minutes of a phone interview are the most important, since only about two out of 10 people will still be under consideration beyond that”.
3) Be enthusiastic
4) Use a land line, and disable call waiting
5) Have a list of questions prepared.
6) Match your style to the interviewer’s
7) Never interrupt.
8) Avoid negative words
9) Recap your “fit” for the job.

And some more…

Please read the Article if you are going to have a phone interview.

Tien Nguyen.


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  1. I have conducted a few telephonic interviews ( and have attended a few of them myself) and according to me ,there are some basic rules which interviewees must follow when having a telephonic interview :

    1) Be on time : Nothing interviews a potential employer more than a prospective employee who makes a commitment that he will be free at a particular time period and when you call up,says that he is having lunch.Not only do you risk annoying the employer but you are also wasting their time.
    2) Take the call in a quiet place :Its quite frustrating when you are taking a telephonic interview and the prospective employee is talking from a place where there is a lot of noise or there is way too much static.I can recount a few incidents in which the the candidate has asked me to call back and I had to waste five minutes waiting for him to get to a quieter place.

    3) Avoid rustling papers around during technical interviews : Not only is the background noise annoying,but interviewers might wonder if you are using cheat sheets to answer questions.Also try to avoid reciting answers as they seems to convey a feeling of just bookish knowledge

    4) If you havent understood a question clearly ,do ask the interviewer to repeat it ,most interviewers are happier to repeat a question rather than have a candidate start rambling about something which was unrelated to the question

    5) Do take out time to thank the person who interviewed you after the interview,you might have performed brilliantly in the interview but slamming the phone down doesnt get any brownie points

  2. I have just attended an interview yesterday afternoon. Before that, I also did some research on this. I think what Mervin suggested was quite important. Some other points to mention:
    1) Be confident. Because you are not facing the employers directly, your voice is the only way to show your confidence. Control your speed, neither too fast nor too slow. And make your words very clear.
    2) Do not just read what you prepared on paper. In phone interview, you can look at the materials you prepared before. However, you should make your speaking natural.

  3. Gauravee permalink

    Yeah I agree that speaking naturally is the best. From my mistakes in one past phone interview I had, I learnt:
    – be thoroughly informed about the company and if possible about the interviewer.
    – Don’t be in a hurry to answer
    – They cannot see you, so the professionalism in your voice should stand out.
    -Try to be polite while answering and asking questions if u have any
    -Last but not the least, end the call with greetings

  4. I like the idea of putting the picture of the interviewer in the computer screen. I feel it is really hard to communicate effectively with people without seeing them. The picture definitely helps me feel as if I was talking to person face to face, especially with someone I didn’t know before. Another thing I feel that is very important for international students is to speak clearly. Because the cell phone tends to make our speech a little bit unclear and if we don’t speak slowly and clearly, the interviewer might not be able to capture our points.

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