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Twitter and Australia’s #Spill Effect

by on March 8, 2010

A must-read article by Julie Posetti on how Twitter is spurring innovation in politics and journalism in Australia.  And what is this innovation it’s spurring? Participatory democracy.  It’s part one in a two part series.  I got goose bumps reading it.  Here are Posetti’s key findings:

Twitter is becoming a vehicle for participatory democracy in Australia thanks to its ability to create unmediated interaction between political journalists, engaged citizens and politicians.
In the race to tweet, journalists are knocking down the walls that have in the past segregated media outlets within the Press Gallery. This is happening via content-sharing and cross-pollination between fiercely competitive commercial and public broadcast networks, newspapers and wire services.
Collegiality is being fostered between tweeting political journalists.
Conversely, competitiveness has a new, sharper edge.
Tweeting renders political reporting processes more transparent.
Twitter is a new dissemination point for breaking political news.
Twitter has broken through barriers that have historically isolated political journalists from media consumers.
While journalists continue to re-examine professional fundamentals as they negotiate their way through the Twitterverse, they, in general, view the benefits of the platform as outweighing the risks.
The upcoming Federal Election will be Twitterised

(Hat tip Steve Buttry)


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