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The aliance for going green

by on March 8, 2010

Global warming has been the hottest environment issue in the world so far. All kinds of organizations and individual from around the world are trying to contribute to respond to global warming. Even the latest US stimulus package aiming to deal with the economy depression, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, has its portion for mitigation of global warming. Companies of all kinds, such as energy companies, automobile companies, and electronic companies, are promoting go-green campaigns. Consumers who are concerned about global warming are also trying to get involved in this cause by changing their life style including spending behaviors. However, since most of the green products are more expensive than regular ones—which means consumers has to bear heavier burdens in the already bad economy—consumers/families seems to become the only group of people who is paying for the green cause. Moreover, by adopting policies such as deducting taxes, countries that actually care about global warming are leaning towards companies and organization that claim their products/services to be green. And again, families, where taxes are come from, become the only group that is sacrificing for the green cause.

Since we all agree that global warming are an issue that we must deal with right now, then how we balance the effort made by governments, companies, and individuals become crucial in saving the world from hitting up. Moreover, companies that are planning introducing green products not only should try to align their business goals—making more money—with the goals of reduce greenhouse gases emissions but also need to consider to make their green campaign  a win-win case by sharing the cost of going green with consumers. Because, if they don’t, sooner or later, consumers will realize that the unfairness of the deal and refuse to spend more money on the green products, making the investment made by companies in green products a waste.

Xiaopu Yu


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