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Dear John, Thanks for the Layoff

by on March 8, 2010

Came across this very interesting article on Business Week, written by Seattle-based Jessica Ward. This article is an open letter to her boss that she wrote some time after getting laid off.

In this letter she highlights what she did after she got a pink slip from the company. Somethings were such that every person who got laid off would do. Like modifying their resume and applying for job. Apart from that, Jessica took time to do all those thing that she always wanted to and never got time due to her busy schedule. She is now living her life the way she ideally wanted to. She has found new ways to manage her life and is living her dreams.

It is a very interesting read. It gives a different perspective to the concept of lay-off.


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  1. Sanjeevi Sturges permalink

    That’s a nice story to hear. A few of my friends had similar experiences with their unemployment (gave them a chance to take up hobbies, explore the meaning of life, make new friends) but they definitely didn’t have quite as positive an experience as this woman. Still, I think that they are much more likely to take periods of time off work in the future.

    I’ve heard that our generation in general is more likely to care about time off and work/life balance over strictly $$. I really do wonder how so many younger workers being unemployed right now will affect the rest of their work lives and what they choose to do with them.


  2. A very interesting and thought provoking article.I agree perhaps the time off from employment might give people time to actually look at life from a different perspective,pick up new hobbies,retake new hobbies ,make new friends but the enthusiasm to do that will will continue as long as you have something to pay the bills.If you dont have an alternate source of income and the bank balance is slowly drying up,I doubt this lady will be as optimistic as she is in the article.

    However I guess really does reinforce the point that we need to also look at life beyond work.

    Thanks for sharing the article

  3. Surry Jones permalink

    While I know some who were laid off over a year ago are still struggling with finding new employment and just figuring out what to do with themselves, I do know of many who have been successful after receiving the pink slip, and were somewhat relieved they were let go. The successful ones have gone on to pursue more personal interests and generally seem happier with the new direction — they have also found other sources of employment, which is likely contributing to their positive attitude. From what I’ve seen, however, as long as you can take a situation such as being laid off and construct something positive out of it, you’ll probably be alright in the long run.

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