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Dean Emeritus: a “must-read for iSchoolers”

by on March 8, 2010

Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus of University of Washington’s iSchool, sent out a link to this Economist article via the iAnnounce list serve a couple days ago, calling it a “must-read for iSchoolers.” The 2011 exec students (and I) have a good discussion going on about it as well:“The Economist Thinks Information Management Is Cool Too.” Exec MSIM student, Brian le Blanc, points out this juicy quote, “the business of information management—helping organizations to make sense of their proliferating data—is growing by leaps and bounds.”

And, as I pointed out to Dr. Eisenberg and to  Brian and others, the Economist has been on a role lately:

The data deluge: Businesses, governments and society are only starting to tap its vast potential
Clicking for gold: How internet companies profit from data on the web

The information management field is looking bright!

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  1. Sanjeevi Sturges permalink

    Emily, thanks for posting this.

    I meant to read it after the mass email but didn’t until you reminded me here.

    Just like Stuart pointed out on the blog, this is a great place to find inspiration for an elevator pitch on why information management is important.

    A few helpful phrases for crafting our own pitches:

    “The business of information management — helping organisations to make sense of their proliferating data”

    “This was the first crisis to be sparked by big data—and there will be more.” [Referring to the financial crisis and financial models not reflecting risk accurately.]

    “The way that information is managed touches all areas of life.” [aka all problems are information problems.]


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