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Innovation Prize – Predictive Data Analysis

by on March 5, 2010

I know that a number of you have been excited by a number of the case competitions that have been available around campus, and the upcoming SUIT competition (good luck Ajay, Jeroen, and Ashish!).  Innocentive has recently published a prize competition for working on a large data set.  You can form a local team, but you are also encouraged to join or form an existing multi-disciplinary team through Innocentive’s web site.  And for your efforts, the winning team will be awarded $100,000.

To read more about the competition click here.  The final deadline is July 26th.  I am certainly interested in working on this, and would be possibly interested on working this with one or two other classmates.  Leave a comment here, or drop me an email.

-Paul Simons


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  1. Jordan Eschler permalink


    You know I love large datasets. I’ll sign up for an account at Innocentive for sure! Let me know if you want me on your team!

    Thank you

  2. Tien Nguyen permalink

    Thank you Paul for the post. I feel we should encourage more MSIM students to participate in this kind of challenge.

    You can make an announcement in the class. Just to make sure everyone is aware of the competition.

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