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Expatriate vs. Repatriate

by on March 4, 2010

This case study highlights the challenges of balancing cultural differences, personal career decisions, and family issues for repatriates who have better career opportunities overseas compared to their native countries. In our global society, talented individuals often seek work at corporations where they have the best stage to showcase their professional knowledge and skills without limiting their opportunities to be close to home. This case study tells the story of Mitender Singh, a repatriated Indian executive who initially worked in the U.S. but had always kept the thought of returning to India in the back of his mind. Singh, after finally persuading his family, returned back to India but soon found that work and life in India wasn’t quite what he had expected and hoped, particularly with regard to his own career path. He started to contemplate potential job options outside India once again, but he quickly came to the realization that there were too many issues such as his children’s education, family relationships, etc., outside of his personal career development path that he needed to take into consideration when making such a complicated decision.

Che-Wei Hu, Wei-Ching Hung, and Ruchi Junnarkar


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