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Google vs Apple and the History of Taiwanese Hardware Manufacturing

by on March 3, 2010

I suspect nobody will have time to read this article with all the case studies posted, but it makes a very eye-opening historical comparison, a highly recommended read. It compares the (very) recent anti-trust actions Apple filed against Taiwan’s cellphone manufacturers (an indirect strike at Google, as they make most of the Android-based phones) with an anti-trust case Apple filed against Taiwanese hardware manufacturers of Apple clones during the infancy of Taiwan’s computer industry.

“Apple’s decision [in the 1980’s] to maintain absolute control of its hardware ended up consigning itself to also-ran status in the personal computer marketplace for decades. It seems a little hard to believe now, after Apple’s phoenix-like resurgence, but for years many computer analysts considered the decision not to license its hardware and software a huge strategic error that allowed Microsoft to become all powerful, and doomed Apple to irrelevant niche-status.”

article link


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