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Technology Change Management

by on March 1, 2010

Technology change involves switching from a current form of technology to an advanced one. It is important for progress. Even though it seems a good idea, it is not without problems as any kind of change requires planning and preparation. To accept a sudden Technology change is difficult and it involves implementing a lot of steps for a smooth transition from an obsolete technology to a new one. It is difficult to completely comply with a technological change without any resistance. The major reasons for resistance are fear of losing job, ambiguity about what is the change and why it is needed, unwillingness to learn something new and lack of trust at new system. For this reason, it is necessary that individuals who would be affected by the change are prepared in advance to be able to cope with the new technology and that their work is not affected negatively because of it. History has shown that new technology has always been beneficial when it had been properly introduced and implemented. In this paper I have further discussed the methods that should be undertaken in order to minimize the chances of resistance by defining clear goal, involving everyone, making sure that the transition is smooth and set checkpoints to ensure successful implementation. Irrespective of any suggestions, it is the responsibility of the executives to make sure that they understand the current state of their company and act accordingly by delivering the solution that would be apt in the situation of the organization.


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  1. I agree that technology change need to be carefully planned. Although the technology will probably benefit the company in the long run, they also have to consider the short term effect as well. There will definitely be some initial lost in productivity as the employees try to adapt to the new technology. I previously worked for Kenworth production and that was one of the main concerns that management wrestled with as they tried to introduce MS Office 2007.

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