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How to Orchestrate the Stars

by on March 1, 2010

We have been talking a lot on how new organizational structures, business strategies and technology deployments propel the innovation process. In the final analysis, however, it is people who originate all the innovative ideas. During the economic crisis, there is an assumption held by some managers, as described by Gallo (2009), that their “employees will happily stay put in their current jobs” because “unemployment rates are high.” But this assumption has been proved wrong by research which actually shows that voluntary turnover rates increase. In fact, “in the new economy, an organization’s biggest challenge is to manage its people.” (Mishra, 2007)
The core task in managing people, by and large, is orchestrating the star employees who play more important roles in organizations. However, this is an even more challenging work for managers, because the stars have some unique characteristics which differentiate them from common employees.
In my Emerging Issue Paper 3, I analyzed the stars’ unique characteristics, proposed a method to divide the stars into different categories and orchestrate different types of stars with different strategies.

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