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How to Negotiate with the Former Employees with different culture?

by on March 1, 2010

In today’s business world, multinational companies are very common. Businesses seek to develop international business for many reasons: reducing their production costs, developing a new growing market, increasing sales, avoiding higher taxes, etc. Although businesses can gain benefits from international business; meanwhile, international business derives some serious issues to business. Because employers and employees often come from different countries, they have different cultural backgrounds, values, and perspectives. The employees and employers may disagree with some points, like corporate culture, management approaches, company regulations, business etiquette, and so on. The misunderstanding will be magnified and exaggerated once the employee is dismissed.

Before dismissing the unsuitable local staff, businesses must obey the local regulations and observe the resistance from employees. The employer needs time to negotiate with ex-employees, but the effort will be worthwhile and will prevent serious problems in the future. Two-way communication is also very important. Businesses should take certain approaches to reach their local employees, regardless of different standpoints. Unemployment does not indicate that an employee no longer has any relationship with his former employer; the employer should provide resources to help the ex-employee.

Po-Chun Liao


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