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Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

by on February 28, 2010

Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Posted by: Steve Hamm on September 16

The article talks about implementing the technology web 2.0 in the Enterprise throguh different aspects. The author originally thought the new application, website, and social networking tools are very useless until he read the book, Mesh Collaboration: Creating New Business Value in the Network of Everything.

I feel it is interesting because I also doubted the networking tools. When I was in my home country, we usually used networking tool like Facebook, because of our friends. I mean when we add someone that means we already know him or her. So how can it help me to know new people? Back to the topic, if we are already in the same company, why we should use a tool to share idea and knowledge?

However, in the article, it seams like my  thought is wrong. The idea in the article is “In the old model, work is static, permission-based, and document-centric. The new model is dynamic, event-centric, and open from the outside in.” The good example in the article is BMW Mini cooper.

Meng-Chi Lee


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  1. Thank you, Patrick. It sounds very interesting. It says mesh collaboration is vital if the company is globalizing, and big companies are deeper into that than smaller ones. This solves the puzzle in my head will consider to taking that web 2.0 in Business school.

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