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The “Net”

by on February 28, 2010

In the first part of the article, the author describes several interesting phenomena in today’s Chinese Internet industry, especially in terms of customer loyalty and product innovation.  It also provides latest examples and incisive discussion on why these phenomena are happening.  On the second part, the author talks about how to weave the product “net” to keep the company profiting in a longer term.  Last but not least, the author gives several of his ideas on how to survive in such an environment for small business organizations.

This paper serves the purpose to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in China, especially among college students.  Please share your ideas in this topic and I would love to have a discussion.  Thanks.

Thomas Zhenhua Wang

One Comment
  1. Hi Thomas,

    It would be interesting to read about Chinese internet industries and their changing trends. Could you please provide the link for the article or forward the paper so that I could pitch in my own thoughts and we can have constructive exchange of ideas!

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