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It seems that Google is manipulating the rank of its search result

by on February 27, 2010

Google hits back over algorithm dispute

It’s an article from Financial Times Chinese.

I did ask someone works in Google if Google manually overrides the rank of its search result and I got a negative answer.  Maybe she is telling the truth, the point she didn’t it at all.

This links to the last time when we were discussing in the class if top executives involve in certain scandal, insider trading or other types of moral issues.  I still doubt Kevin’s claim that most executives are “clean”.  It might be true for small to medium size businesses (SMB), but it seldom true for large companies such as Google.


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  1. Thomas Zhenhua Wang permalink

    P.S. Even so, I still promote law-binding businesses.

  2. I doubt whether there is any executive who is “clean”. I heard several stories about the executives who walked on the edge of the laws. I’m not saying that they got around the laws. Actually, the just made good use of the ambiguity of the laws, especially in developing countries.

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