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Deloitte Consulting is Hiring

by on February 20, 2010

Seems like economy is gaining pace again. Good for us.

As mentioned by Kevin, the big-name audit firm is awarding hundreds of jobs to established consultants as well as newly minted MBAs and undergrads.

The consulting arm of Big 4 audit giant Deloitte is currently extending 50 to 60 offers to experienced consultants each week. By June, the company will have hired a total of more than 700 of them. On top of that, over the past six months the firm has brought on board nearly 800 MBAs and undergrads. And Deloitte’s HR staff expects to make another 1,000 offers to the class of 2010.

Firm’s growth in this time of economic weakness is considered as “a seminal experience” and a competitive advantage by many.

Although, this article does not mention about 3000+ people that were laid off by Deloitte over the course last year and a half, it is definitely good to know that such companies have started hiring again in large numbers.


-Deepti Shah


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  1. Thanks for posting this Deepti. This is a good piece of information for us at a time when we are all looking for good internship positions.

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