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Philanthropy’s Datascape: Innovation, Metrics, and Unanswered Questions

by on February 12, 2010

Digital technologies are radically changing the underpinnings of nearly every social institution – from music to journalism, government to education, and banking to advertising. While the very nature of traditional philanthropy makes it less subject to “market pressures” and the “power of rational external forces,” nonetheless, it too is responding to our highly connected, data-intensive world. This paper will examine innovations in the philanthropy sector, first looking at the success in microgiving via social media platforms. The meat of the paper, however, will look at innovations emerging from traditional, ‘Big’ philanthropy.  Specifically, it will examine the work of FasterCures and The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, and ask critical questions about data-driven innovation in philanthropy.

~Emily Cunningham

One Comment
  1. What are some of the questions you asked? And what are some of the innovations you give as an example?

    I’m curious about what lens you’re looking at this through.

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