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Social-Networking Sites: What They Offer & How They Differ

by on February 9, 2010

With the advancement of technology and the Internet becoming more strong and widespread, there has been an increasing use of Social-Networking Sites (SNSs). Each of these sites has a different audience, goals & objectives and affords a wide range of interests and practices which vary from discussion forums on medicine, business etc to just finding new friends. Yet, each of them has one common purpose which is to provide a common platform for networking with friends and acquaintances and to build a new network with other people having similar interests. Thereby, SNSs makes it very convenient to maintain, revive and establish contact with people.

Social Networking sites are not just restricted to the level of an individual but also come to the level at which it involves companies, big or small. Company representatives actively participate on these sites in order to look for opportunities for advertising their products, get a feedback from customers, find new talent & nd explore their ideas, search for potential employers and seek newer innovation methods.

To provide all these features and more we have hundreds or social-networking tools that are available on the net. Irrespective of having a common purpose, its important to explore what they offer to its users and how they differ from each other.

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  1. Sanjeevi Sturges permalink

    It’s so interesting how these sites have grown in so many different areas. What industries/areas/audiences did your case studies cover?

    • Mansi Sharma permalink

      I have posted a blog post summarizing the main contents of my paper. I hope you find it interesting.

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