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Don’t Neglect Internal Branding

by on January 31, 2010

I came across an interesting article that i would like to share with all. It speaks about how enough effort goes into consumer research and marketing, however by sharing insights with employees can help to deliver company’s promise, by implementing what is referred to as internal branding.
Starbucks’ iconic founder, Howard Schultz, said of the idea, “Our unprecedented level of commitment to and investment in our people will provide them with the tools and resources they need to exceed the expectations of our customers.”
Internal branding is simply having a continuous process in place by which you ensure your employees understand the “who” and “why” behind your business proposition.
For any company, it can be the missing link between perception and reality, promise and delivery, effective marketing and positive outcomes. Yet internal branding doesn’t receive nearly the time, resources, or attention that external efforts do.
What if, instead, all of the brilliant insights gained in the external branding process could be ingrained in the minds of each employee? What if there were a deliberate process in place to help employees not only do the functional aspects of their jobs better but also more intimately understand those whom they serve? What if each and every employee could be enabled and equipped to be a powerful steward of the brand? All of it is possible, and that’s why internal branding presents such a big opportunity for improvement in most companies.

Full article can be read HERE


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  1. Nishant permalink

    Adding to it, I’ve found a nice article on the ways how the internal branding could be promoted.
    It talks about how as your own organization, you need to teach about your own brand value and promise it holds rather than try to promote and sell your product. It suggests to hold weekly departmental meetings and share the research and the target consumers. Also, implementing information systems at all levels of organization enables effective knowledge sharing, educating HR managers and replace lagging indicators of performance with leading indicators of future brand value.

    The full article could be found HERE

  2. Nishant permalink

    The full article could be foundHERE

  3. Nice post.How we think and behave inside very much indicates our outer behavior.Same thing applies with organizations.It is very essential that we explain and train our employees with what our brand is,what is is for,for whom,and how employees can be a part of the brand success.Internal branding would ensure that the experience customer’s encounter are consistent no matter where a customer interacts with the brand,whether its at a retail store,on mobile,website or in the advertisement.

  4. Great post. I totally agree and wrote similar blog entitled Your Brand and The Mobius Strip at brandstrategyblog. If you read it, I’d be very interested in your comments.

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