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Crowdsourcing is Broken: How to fix it

by on January 30, 2010

The idea of crowdsourcing has been around for awhile now; however, there are many flaws to it that prevent it from reaching the ideal goal of being able to “tap into the ideas generated from the crowd to unlock the potential of the masses.” The problem is that people would put forth the effort to come up with a proposed solution, but they effort would be pay off only if their work is selected. Therefore, professionals usually would not have time to compete in something like this and even when they do, they did not find it to be a fulfilling experience. On the other hand, companies are flooded with ideas that are unprofessional in quality. This article, offer a new business model –  “mini crowds” that aims to “harness the crowd in a more mutually beneficial way”. Read more about it here


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  1. I just was going to post this article 🙂

    One of the major problems I see with crowdsourcing is the willingness of companies to also post their code on online communities for others to review or comment about.I know they could post just small snippets of it which dont give the whole logic away but often companies are wary of letting information out which they believe might jeopardize the secrets of their new releases or just their coding practices.

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