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Vive la Resistance- Case Study response review

by on January 25, 2010

It was interesting to read the diverse responses to the given case study. There were a few points that interested me in particular, one of which was that resistance can not be handled individually. there is a need for Sam to get together with the management and with their support, decide on a mutually beneficial plan.

There is a mention of prevention being the best cure in one of the responses, but in my opinion Sam has taken a few steps to involve the employees in the change. In the process of trying to keep everyone involved and happy, there were certain slip-ups on his part which lead to the resistance.

In case of Bill, I believe that there is no reasonable excuse for any employee to turn the other employees against their own company. In one of the responses, it is said that the management should not let go of Bill since it will create fear in the minds of the other employees. Even though there is a risk involved here, it might not make sense to disregard the benefit that the change will bring to the other employees.


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