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Response to the team responses to the case study – “Shh! It’s Vive La Resistance…”

by on January 25, 2010

Most people agreed to emphasize on the communication between the top management, represented by Sam, and the employees. Though according to the article, Sam seemed to have done a good job on this issue, some employees were still not getting the necessity and importance. They may even don’t know what kind of benefits can be brought to them if this reform is implemented. Otherwise it is definitely impossible for Bill to persuade so many employees to support him. On the hand, from my prospective, the benefit of this reform is very clear and obvious. I don’t understand why so many people would follow Bill. The reason of employees being neglected during the implementation stage is not persuasive. Most employees won’t even care about the top management decision as long as it doesn’t affect them. In this case, the decision obviously brings them benefits, except for those team managers, represented by Bill. So under these circumstances, how exactly Bill persuade them to be against the reform?
About Bill, it seems no one in my group discussed about what kind of punishment should be applied to him. It seems in today’s management concepts, applying punishments becomes less and less popular. Talking and persuading become the only way to solve problems. From my point of view, people like Bill, should definitely be removed from the company or at least from my team. The basic rule that supports a business going forward is a team striving for a same goal. Working against especially in the back is 100% intolerable. This doesn’t mean I don’t support open discussion. My point is before the decision is made, everyone can provide his/her comments/concerns/suggestions/objections, all of which will be appreciated and seriously considered. However as long as the decision is made, no one can have any reason to work against the decision, especially in the back. This kind of action will surely bring devastating influences on not only the project, but also team morals if they are not handled properly.

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