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Case Study Response

by on January 25, 2010

Among the responses I read, there was considerable agreement in needing to engage the employees and make them feel involved in the actual implementation of the restructuring. We all emphasized the need for communication and transparency in management decisions. There was divergence between our responses in how to deal with Bill directly, or whether to do so at all. I am of the opinion that to actively discourage such behavior in the future, it is not enough to merely undermine and quell the resistance. Bill must see that management does not take kindly to such tactics.

There were also differing opinions on whether to engage upper management in the response. A forceful response from the higher-ups would not be particularly tactful. At the same time, Bill only feels secure in acting out because he thinks he has friends in management. If these people were made aware of Bill’s obstructionist tactics, he would likely lose their support.


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