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Case Study Responses Review

by on January 24, 2010

By reviewing the all the response from my teammates, I found that the most common word we used was “communication”.  While we had slightly different ideas towards the ways of communication, we all emphasized that Sam should communicate more with both the team leaders, particularly Bill, and common employees.  We all agreed that what Sam did was far from getting a thorough understanding of the employees’ real attitude.  We all stressed the need for Sam to talk with Bill immediately.   While there were divergences whether s the talk should be formal or informal, almost everyone agreed that Bill was the key to solve this dilemma. Another point in common was that Sam should include not only the team leaders but also common employees in the planning phase, making them feel that their benefits were not ignored in the restructuring.

However, we had different opinions on how to solve the crisis of underground resistance and motivate the employees to accept the restructuring plan.  Some preferred to use face to face talks to persuade team leaders and convince employees.   Some recommended that incentives should be provided to encourage employees.  I preferred using an alternative implementation strategy and let facts speak.  Rather than changing the whole structure in one step, Sam can consider to divide it into different sub-phases, which might make this change smooth.  If he can experiment his proposal in some small projects and let the results speak for him, it will be more persuasive.


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