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Case Study Response

by on January 24, 2010

After reading the responses, it was surprising to learn, how one situation can be seen from so many different viewpoints.

The most common and highlighted flaw, was that Sam did not have front force of Executive from the upper management, though he was backed by Rebecca who handed this responsibility to him, but her involvement was hidden. Hence, he should have one executive physically or metamorphically in his process of bringing about the change.

Sam could stand up and publicly confess his failures, accept his mistake of creating disharmony within the organization. He can then question whether to restart or to make changes in the existing plan. Sam should clearly state his purpose and intentions. Many leaders like Sam fail to attribute the importance of communication, Sam should clarify with the stakeholders what are the issues, fears and concerns regarding the restructuring plan that have left some of them in double minds or completely against it. They are the ones who are going through the process of change. He could attempt to overcome their mental blocks. Surveying employee attitude is not sufficient for employee engagement; it should be on a more individual and social level. Reinspire them with the values and goals of the organization. Change is brought about the entire organization, hence he should consider the interdisciplinary nature of the organization, have frequent cross – functional meetings, meetings with team leaders alone will not be productive.

Another approach would be to discuss the entire matter with Rebecca, openly confess his fallacies and seek advice on what further steps to take. He could also inform Lee about Bill’s involvement in developing underground resistance and seek his advice.

Sam could confront Bill face to face and clear all issues with Bill that led to this epidemic.

Lastly, Sam should have more long term and broader organizational thinking, with this he can anticipate problems like underground resistance.


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