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Responses to Nick’s study

by on January 23, 2010

Resistance to change may be caused by several reasons. It is possible that the change affects some people’s current power or income. Also, some people may reject a change simply because they have  get used to the current situation. After I read all the responses in my group, I think the actions that the Sam should take are as follows:

1 Sam should try to gain support from key memebers of the upper management, especially the major stakeholders of the company.  Then Sam should let Bill know that the upper managers are supporting him. In this way, Bill would act less recklessly.

2. As stated in the study, Sam wants to talk to Bill. Sam should uilitze this opportunity to find out Bill’s real objections. Maybe Sam could ask Lee to help him figure out the real causes when he is talking to Bill. Finding out the real reasons could help Sam design an effective strategy to deal with this problem.

3. Contacting employees is also an important action.  Explain to them the imperative and significance of the change management plan. Stressing the possible outcome of sticking with current company structure, such as a decrease of company profit and laying off consequently. Then Sam should ask employees suggestions on implementing the change managemnet plan, and let employees aware of their responsibilites in the process.


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