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Case study responses: resolving the employee resistance issue

by on January 23, 2010

After reviewing all the responses from my team mates, I found both common aspects and different opinions in dealing with employee resistance.

All of us addressed the importance of the effective communication: the transparency of management decisions should be maintained. Sam has to help his employees understand the change. The employees not only want to know what the change will be and when it will happen (which had been addressed in the kick-off meeting), but they also want to know why. Although Sam did address the reason of this change (to reduce the inefficiency of the project management), he failed to explain the benefits in a more quantitative way and the consequences of the inefficiency in project management if left unattended.

However, we have different opinions about how to deal with Bill, who led the underground resistance movement. Some of us said that even though Bill is a valuable asset to the organization, if after talking to Bill he still does not respond favorably, then it is time to let him go. I think it is not necessary to fire any one because he/she is against the change. Sam should not force Bill to leave the company even though he fails to communicate with Bill about the resistance. If Sam does so, some employee will thinking that he/she will be the next one and that Sam may be taking this personally. Even worse, when the next the change take place to the company, employee will be reluctant to speak up even if the change is stupid. In addition, the employees will think that the company they work for does not pay attention to the communication with employees and that the company does not encourage sharing ideas in the company, which is extremely harmful to a consulting company.


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