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Underground Resistance Case Study Response

by on January 22, 2010

After reading all responses from my team mates, I can envision two possible solutions for this case. Two members from my team suggest that Sam is proceeding too fast towards the implementation of this change management plan and I totally agree with my team members. The best possible way to gain early advantage in change management plan is to hold the trust of all employees. With the help of Carla, Sam can identify trustworthy employees including team leaders, project managers and individual worker in each team. Ahead in this plan he can identify whether he is able to form a functional team with his set of employees. He can form 2-3 sets of functional team on a pilot project basis. If his plan is good, he will be in a position to demonstrate the productive outcome of a function oriented team. If things turned out positive then he will be in a situation to convince other employees specially those who are participating in underground resistance due to their incognizance about the benefits of this new plan.

The second approach of cleaning this mess is to approach Bill directly and try to make a deal with him. Sam can inform Bill that he knows about the resistance they are building. Because the whole change management plan is getting challenged only by one person and that person is Bill. Sam has to think about possible negotiations which he can do with Bill.



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