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Reflection: Case study responses

by on January 22, 2010

Our approach in a nutshell: Open discussions  /  One-on-One  /  Transparency  / Win the leaders over

It was surprising to read the responses and see how similar we where in our ideas. The common approach was being open and transparent by talking to Bill and talking to other key people that he had recruited. Some of us mearly summarized the case and gave short response while others didn’t summarize it at all and instead gave a step by step detailed plan of how it might work.

I believe a summary of the events is a good thing to do, both for the person writing the response but also for me who reads it to get an understanding of their view of what actually happened.

Interestingly no one came up with more than one approach or back-up plan. But simply had an answer they hoped would solve the problem.


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