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Case-Study Response

by on January 22, 2010

Sam is in a fix and trying to overcome the underground resistance. He cannot talk to the employees secretively nor could he come into the open and challenge the resistance.  So, what to do? Unfortunately, solutions are easier to describe than implement. We tried to solve Sam’s problem in our own ways…

One of us says, team-leader Bill is taking advantage of the Seahawk’s employees who are on the fence, those who are indifferent or confused about recent changes. Hence these are the employees Sam should target first. He is unaware of who they are, so he could have frequent personal meetings with all employees and try to give them the sense of involvement of their views in top-level execution of ideas. Sam could define a more structured channel of passing the information and grievances along the hierarchy. The main problem lies in misunderstandings and lack of legitimate information. People like Bill take undue advantage of this ignorance and hence eventually organization suffers due to lack of support towards good decisions.

One interesting solution was to start the new change strategy on an experimental basis. He could try out his ideas with smaller and fewer project groups. If his trial runs successfully, he would have his results to show and altogether nullify the chances of questioning his proposal by anyone in Seahawk.

Sam could not offer incentives to all team-leader as Seahawk is running low on budget. Sam should invite Bill over a beer and try to get him into the bottle, and obtain the names of people involved and later deal with them individually.

If all the efforts to take the resistance down are lost, Sam has no option but to promote Bill to managerial position or lose an excellent employee by firing him.



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