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Underground Resistance – Case Study Response

by on January 21, 2010
My response was generally focused on directly narrowing down to Bill. Bill has a lot clout and power with the potential to do some serious damage to Sam and the restructuring initiative in the resistance goes unchecked. My two thoughts were to directly approach Bill to confirm that everything was not just hearsay, and at the same time begin a benign but effective “counter resistance” among the employees.
Other responses focused on some higher-level reactions for damage control and brining in others to mitigate the damage. One response did a very good job of laying out the different reasons that the resistance had started and had fuel, which gave a better picture.
A specific idea I did not see repeated was for Sam to focus on getting Ralph more involved in the process, because while not a central figure, he clearly has established some good connections with people on both the employee and managerial levels. I would suggest that Sam use those connections, and try to begin a counter-resistance.
Other responses also suggested the importance for Sam to focus on getting the employees back on board, which is probably a better long-term solution, perhaps implemented after the resistence is initially halted.

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