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Managing Organizational Information Security

by on January 20, 2010

The incorporation of information technology in business processes has generated considerable benefits for companies and government organizations. Today, most organizations, both public and private have computerized much of their business processes which creates a global environment for research, design, manufacturing, and trading of commercial  products with facilities all across the globe. This ongoing digitalization of information will continue to generate innovative ways in which business is conducted. However, on the flip side, the emergence of technological advances raises concerns about the potential security risks such as attacks by hackers or competitors, electronic fraud, or the simple loss of data.

The media is buzzing with the latest news concerning Google and Adobe and the targeted zero-day attacks directed at their corporate systems. The attack on Google, Adobe and more than 30 other Silicon Valley companies are now focusing their attention on the issue of state-sponsored cyber attacks and how the security professionals and government should respond to them.

There is a strong call for an improved managerial approach to secure an organization’s IT infrastructure and its vital processes. The management needs to be more involved in Information security issues and aware of how it affects the company as a whole so that the gap between management and technology can be filled in.

– Ashish Malviya


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