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Knowledge Management System in Government Organization : Issues and Challenges

by on January 20, 2010

The present economical and technological liberalization has made many companies and organizations use knowledge management system in order to successfully handle the various business situations. Since the life blood of any organization is “information”, a way was needed to convert the information into actionable knowledge which flows through an organization. That is, effective knowledge management systems involve far more than just technology, encompassing broad cultural and organizational issues. In fact, effective resolution of cultural and organizational issues was identified as a major concern in the deployment of knowledge management. Knowledge management system implementation usually requires profound cultural renovations because, traditionally, organizations have rewarded their professionals and employees based on their individual performance and knowhow (Alavi and Leidner, 1999). In many organizations, a major cultural shift would be required to change their employees’ attitudes and behavior so that they willingly and consistently share their knowledge and insights. An effective way to motivate knowledge sharing is through the organizational reward and incentive mechanisms. Traditionally, management consulting and professional services firms have been considered knowledge-intensive firms and therefore interested in knowledge management system. However, nowadays that interest in knowledge management system goes far beyond professional services firms. A broad range of government organizations is looking into this area, feeling that they can potentially benefit from knowledge management system. This paper will explore the emerging issues on knowledge management system experience in public and non-profit organization especially in government institution. Three case studies explored are: World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

– Oktavianus Sinaga.


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  1. Ana Pantaleão permalink

    Hi, I´d like to read the full version of the article “Knowledge Management System in Government Organization : Issues and Challenges”, but I´m not finding it. Where can I find it?

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