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Emerging Issue Paper 1 – CEO Compensations: Managerial Issues in Remuneration

by on January 20, 2010

CEO Compensations: Managerial Issues in Remuneration

This paper aims at drawing attention to the issues of corporate compensations, bonuses and severance packages that are being provided to the executive employees of multi-national companies. The paper discusses the vague relation between the executive incentives and their innovative managerial contributions to their organization. It also highlights the proficiencies that executive officers should demonstrate to sustain in our current unpredictable economic environment.

It further highlights the issue that is faced while hiring an executive during mid- crisis situation. The current scenario of CEO-hunt by Bank of America is also mentioned to emphasize the trouble in appointing a new chief executive. It also gives a brief description of mandatory skills that are necessary in CEOs for surviving the trials of our unpredictable economic condition. The inappropriate Pay-per-Performance issue is highlighted, giving the actual statistics on some of the highest bonuses and severance packages that are received by executives today.

– Ajay Pillay.

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