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Executive Summary : Reverse Brain Drain

by on January 19, 2010

This paper explores the recent trend of reverse brain drain which is the terminology associated with the return of highly qualified immigrants from developed countries to their own native countries. The paper does a detailed analysis of the potential reasons behind why reverse brain drain has become such a significant phenomena in the last two years drawing out examples from a number of studies and industry examples especially a path breaking study done by Vivek Wadhwa and his team titled “America’s Loss is the World’s Gain: America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part 4 “ .The paper also focuses on the various demographic as well as educational and professional backgrounds of the various returnees. It also focuses on the various reasons driving the sudden increase in the number of returnees such as the enthusiasm for personal growth in their native countries, altruistic reasons, investment opportunities and the initiatives taken by the government to attract these multitalented individuals back.

The paper also focuses on the causes behind this trend and does a relative analysis of how this trend would affect the native countries and the developed countries which the immigrants left behind .In doing so, the paper draws upon information obtained from two studies done by researchers at Duke University, New York University and Harvard University titled “America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs” and “Entrepreneurship, Education and Immigration: America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part II” respectively. The paper also highlights how much of value the returnees could bring to their native countries in terms of technological, scientific, intellectual and economic aspects and how the countries they left behind would be affected.

In closing, the paper takes a subjective look at what could be the potential reasons that could prevent reverse brain drain from gaining momentum and how governmental initiatives could help returnees in taking that first step in coming back home.

Mervin Johnsingh


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