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Managing customers in tough economy

by on January 17, 2010

As the global economy continues its downward journey,companies all over the world are facing tremendous pressure to make business and generate cash.In this hassle, it is utmost important to manage the assets you already have beside looking for new ideas and innovation.One of the important assets are customers. Competitors are looking to poach the best customers from the market.There is a strong call to manage and sustain your existing customers when you cant go beyond certain limits.Focusing on getting the customer experience right is critical. Making sure that your customers choose you over your competition is essential. If you get it right when times are tough you will certainly reap the benefits and rewards of unleashing the power of customer focus as conditions improve.

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One Comment
  1. It’s all about generating new ideas while keeping in mind that you don’t loose the existing customers. I believe Google is a good example to talk about on this issue. Google, kept adding new ideas and innovations to the existing Gmail and Google search without loosing the existing customers. And as always we learnt in software engineering, its not just making a software, it’s also about maintaing it and providing a life-long service to your customer. And this is done by providing good customer service, good feedback, quality services and a friendly environment with the customer.

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