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The Most Influential Management Ideas of the Decade

by on January 17, 2010

Julia Kirby, invited as the featured guest for HBR, talked about the most influential management ideas of the past decade, which provides us an interesting list to look back on the past ten years of management thinking, including Shareholder Value as a Strategy, IT as a Utility, The Customer Chorus….. Comments below the post are also worth reading!


Interview Record:


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  1. I read this article while writing my issue paper. I would like to comment on the reverse innovation and how it got replaced/added with the concept of glocalization. Professor Vijay Govindarajan, Jeffrey Immelt from GE and Chris Trimble recognized this and was implemented by GE.

    The first article published in HBR in October 2009 said that reverse innovation is developing a product in emerging markets and then bringing it in to the developed market. GE, announced that they would produce an ECG machine in China and India, and then if successful, they would start selling it in US.

    It’s a challenge for organizations to implement glocalization as well as reverse innovation together, as both the models are contradicting. GE puts forward a model to leverage both of these models and grabbing the opportunities in emerging markets while covering the developed market.

    This idea is definetly one of the best idea that GE implemented in this decade and I believe other companies would be focussing on it too, sooner or later.

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