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Social networking sites :Crucial marketing tools in the future ?

by on January 9, 2010

An interesting article on how Ford used social networking websites like Youtube,Facebook,Flickr and Twitter to make a strong impact in the subcompact car market[LINK] .Maybe a precursor of things to come in the future as social networking pervade all spheres of our life

Mervin Johnsingh

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  1. Nishant permalink

    Awesome example of innovation and using digital space as a propagation medium…I found another article on the same lines and recently how the companies are orienting themselves towards cutting down on their marketing and advertisements costs. Making use of social networking sites is a new way of effective marketing strategy where organizations save millions of dollars in putting up billboards and TV advertisements…Here’s the link for an article: 50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on

  2. Tien Nguyen permalink

    Not only do they ( i.e. companies) put their ads on youtube, facebook, but also they try to bring their ads to mobile-internet users. From my working experience, I have seen companies like: Toyota reaching their targeted users via BuzzCity, Google AdSense and AdMob. So watch out for the trend !

  3. These days companies are not only limited to social Networking sites.They are now approaching telecommunication serice providers for mobile marketing.There are systems where advertisement companies air the advertisement in the place of ringback tone.This type of marketing is known as Ringback Tone Advertisement.More details can be found on wikipedia.Here is the link

    A good example of this advertisement group is “Ringplus media” ,where customers can call international numbers just at the cost of listening advertisement for a minute or two.I seriously don’t know how effective this method is.But it raises a serious issue of attracting customers by advertisement versus highly expensive or technical(VOIP) international calls.

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