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Clay Shirky on Open Source’s Long Tail

by on January 9, 2010

Clay Shirky gives a great TED Talk entitled, “Institutions vs collaboration.” In it, he discusses open source’s “long tail” and why it matters. Not only is Shirky a brilliant thinker on the internet, social media and open source, he gives some of the best talks I’ve heard.


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  1. jeroenvde permalink

    Thank you Emily,
    Here is the link mentioned TED Conference talk:

  2. This is the link to the “Institutions vs Collaboration” talk Emily mentions, though the social networking one is good too!

    It is quite an interesting talk. One of the points that he made in passing really struck me, and I wonder how institutions have handled it. With the emergence of this collaboration mentalitly (he was talking in 2005) the practice of more formal planning has been replaced with a more fluid and flexible form of coordination. His example was how mobile phones have changed the conversations from “We’re going to have to meet at this place at this time” to the tone of “”I’ll call you when I get there” or “Call me when you get off work”.

  3. Emily_Cunningham permalink

    Thanks, ya’ll. I’ve been having trouble with the blog. I posted the code to the YouTube talk in my blog post, but it didn’t show up :(. On the subject of social networks and media, I just came across a new phrase: “synchronized public.” I like it.

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