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The Global Textbook Project (GTP) – Change Management: A Brief Report

by on October 4, 2008

Our work on the GTP book, Change Management, is in full swing. I thought I would spend a moment documenting the process so far and presenting our next steps.

Over the summer, consultants and managers at BearingPoint worked diligently to put together an outline for Change Management. I provided input on this outline and worked to ensure that we had a process in place to bring this book to fruition. The content for each chapter will be co-authored by members of BearingPoint and Master of Science in Information Management
graduate students from the Information School at the University of Washington. Twenty-two students who are enrolled in my Information and the Management of Change (IMT 581) class will work in teams to build initial content for each chapter.

During the past week (Sept. 29-Oct. 4), the 22 students organized themselves into teams and were assigned chapters for which they will be responsible. The students were then assigned contact points at BearingPoint who will provide them with guidance on the content of their chapter. During the next week, students will schedule meetings with their contacts at BearingPoint for initial discussions.

The next steps for the project are as follows:

  • Students will have approximately three weeks (from Oct 10th) to work on the chapter content and will plan a meeting with their BearingPoint contacts for the week of October 20th. The purposes of this meeting are to make sure the students are headed in the right direction and to have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • A third virtual meeting will occur the week of November 10th, again providing the students an opportunity to touch base and answer any last minute questions regarding chapter content.
  • The students’ final deliverable will be expected by November 17th.

After November 17th, I will continue to work with the team at BearingPoint to put a draft of the book in place. The book will be refined and updated by students who enroll in my Management of Information Organizations (IMT 580) class over the Winter quarter. The goal is to have Change Management completed by end of February, 2009.

More updates will be posted as we make progress on this innovative effort to develop free textbooks for advancing education in developing countries. Current student teams will prepare two reports documenting their project experiences, one due at mid-term and one due after November 17th. I will make these papers available as reflection points for those who want to consider employing a similar project in their classrooms.

My sincere gratitude goes out to all who are participating in this effort. I especially want to thank my graduate students who have embraced this project and are working in unchartered territory. We are breaking the model of traditional graduate education – Students who are working on this project are moving beyond being knowledge consumers to knowledge creators. Creators who are constructing knowledge while learning it – Thank You.

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