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Reflection – Mr. L. Ramani

by on December 3, 2007

Addition To Inspiration And Motivation

It is heartening to note that Prof. Kevin Desouza has made a special blog for students of Change Management class where they record the impact and feelings created on them listening to lectures and reading to lot of research material. It has indeed cut across new dimensions in the approach to the subject by the students as well as made it more participative in nature. I think he has taken the approach of the great teacher whom I was talking about lately in your class namely Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who said “It is the function of a teacher not to give the pupils what they want but to make them want what he gives them.” Kudos to the professor!

Think always ‘ YOU CAN ‘ because you can. Take the example of the ants which are blocked by the wanton boys. Still they find another way to proceed. The overloaded bullock carts struggle to pass over the flyovers but still they make it. The uprooted trees still try to stick on to the earth spread its roots and try to grow. When they are like that why not we always strive.

Business brings about lot of pressure and pressure brings about the best in man. Think of the seed where Mother Earth exerts lot of pressure on it and it takes the pressure for good. Actually the earth exerts a lot of pain on her it does not do a favor to it. But the seed takes it positive and uses the pressure to sprout as a plant. Nothing comes easy in this world work under pressure and you will succeed.

To conclude in the words of the poet H.W.Longfellow on Psalm of Life wherein he says
“lives of all great men remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And departing leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time. “

All the best to everyone of you to achieve and serve mankind.


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