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Reflection- Sandy Chan

by on December 1, 2007

I very much enjoyed Mr. Ramani’s talk in class, it was enlightening and inspirational. His talk was not just about being an entrepreneur; it was the guidelines to success in life. He spoke from his own experience and inspirations from life. Like he said in his talk, some things you can only learn from aging, and years of life. There are different stages of life, and you will know, any only know, when you experience it by yourself. I feel that the same theory can be applied to change management. We learn all these change management models, theories, and cases, but we will have to go through a real change management issue to truly capture the art of it. Personally, I felt difficult to find connection to some of the topics we discussed in class due to the fact that I didn’t have related experience. Fortunately, we have a variety of students in our class to share their amazing experiences.

I liked how Mr. Ramani talked about key characteristics of success and gave examples of famous people from the history. It reminded me of the good old time when I loved (and had time) reading biographies. Although he gave example of one person for each characteristic, I felt that most of them had all of the characteristics that he talked about. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. dared to dream and wasn’t easily defeated at the same time. I totally agree with Mr. Ramani that we can learn from history and learn from reading the classics.

One thing I didn’t agree with Mr. Ramani was his statement “an air conditioner is just an air conditioner.” There wouldn’t be an iPhone if Steve Jobs thought “a telephone is just a device that makes and receives phone calls.” To be an entrepreneur, one must see what others cannot see and dream the dream that others do not dare to. However, no matter what you dream, before you throw in all the money, you should make sure you have the market to support your dream. Like Mr. Ramani said, having a dream is just the start, how to put the dream into practice is what really matters. In the air conditioner case that Mr. Ramani talked about in class, the reason behind the failure of the Japanese brands is because they did not understand the market demands in India. Customers in India didn’t want anything more than a simple air conditioner. LG understood and provided the customers what they wanted. But what about people in Singapore? Would they want just an air conditioner? Or would they want more than that?

Mr. Ramani ended his talk emphasizing the value of time and how we should worship time. There are some things in life that you can never reverse, one is time, and one is your health. We are all given the same 24 hours everyday but how do we utilize our time to make the most out of it is up to ourselves. It’s not just about spending less time on a task but also about how you invest time on yourself. Learning to use time well and wisely is definitely one of the key steps in becoming an entrepreneur.

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