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Reflection – Evan Luckey

by on December 1, 2007

Mr Ramani compared motivation and inspiration by saying that inspiration was primary and motivation was secondary. I took that to mean one must be inspired before they can be motivated. I see inspiration as a deep feeling that causes one to act. The inspiration will fuel motivation. However, is this always the case? Can one be motivated without inspiration? I am sometimes motivated by money or by the sense of accomplishment. Maybe even fear motivates me. These are other feelings, besides, inspiration that can fuel motivation. But I do agree that motivation is secondary. Mr Ramani went on to discuss persons that are inspiring. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln were 3 people he touched on. Hearing Mr. Ramani speak about these men was indeed inspiring. Ghandi took the unbeaten path. If you want to do something different then think about Ghandi. Abe Lincoln overcame meany failures. Think of Lincoln when have failed. And Nelson Mandella stood up against injustice. I liked how he talked about how Ghandi had the best definition of a customer.

“A customer is the most important man in our premises.
He’s not an interruption in our work.He’s the very purpose of it.You are not serving him. He has given you a opportunity to do”

The goal of Mr. Ramani’s lecture was to reenergize us, motivate us by inspiring us. I must say that on a cold and dreary day at the end of the quarter, it is what we all needed. And he succeeded. Things didn’t seem so stressful anymore. I felt better.Furthermore, Mr. Ramani helped me to understand the benefits of an education in The Classics, which I have ZERO experience in, unlike some of my classmates. The Classics can be inspiring and motivating. That energy definitely rubs off on other people. This also plays into how people, managers, should interact, communicate and treat other employees. Managers can look to The Classics for these skills. After hearing him talk, I was kind of jealous of some of my classmates who have previous education in The Classics. There were some other “quotable quotes” I like from Mr. Ramani:“A genius is 99% percent perspiration and 1% inspiration.” F

rom the Hindu religion:“Positives – That which bestows good to you or others.” “Negatives – That which bestows bad to you or others.”

The 5 C’s of Communication:

I found an awesome link that contains electronic versions of many many Classics. Visit (The Online Literature Library) to get inspired!

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  1. I agree with you to an extent that motivation can come from uninspiring sources. Fear is an excellent example, yet I think it can be argued that there’s a deeper catalyst for action. I would argue that inspiration comes from more from internal values than an external source. We all have things that are very important to us, and when those may be impacted, for better or worse, we will be inspired to act.For instance, motivation by fear would actually be “inspired by a sense of self-preservation” were we to drill-down another step. Motivation by duty may become “inspired by the idea of having earned that which is received” or “inspired by being judged positively by an important reference group”, etc.Just another thought, there…

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