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Reflection – Gints Salaks

by on November 30, 2007

This course was one of the most interesting and educational experiences I had this quarter. It showed me a great deal of how people and organizations can implement changes effectively and what kind of roles people play during those times. There were a couple of things which really attracted and motivated me during this class as well as things I think can be improved on in the future.

One of the things I truly enjoyed were videos which made us discuss the issues and come up with solutions. Those videos should be implemented more frequently because it engaged students to interact with each other and also to defend their point of view. It was very interesting.

However, I would recommend finding videos which also portray the bottom level employees and how they felt during the change. I definitely want to be among the C-level executives some day, but it will not happen tomorrow, so that’s why I am very interested how employees were able to coop with demanding CEOs. From the videos, I only can imagine or speculate how the rest of the team felt. For example, I would like to know how the team members feel when the leader announces that he is forced to fire one of the team members. I would like to see fired employee’s side of the story.

In addition, I believe that the class website needs some improvement. It seems that currently it lacks the ease of visibility and is difficult to navigate though. There is information overload! I would recommend organizing it either by student, or by topic. It is difficult to go over 78 postings for this month when all of them are just thrown in there. I do enjoy reading them, but it is easier for me to copy and paste them in the Word document. So for the next class, please decide on how you will manage these posting. I noticed that couples of my classmates have already given some feedback on that so I will not repeat it here.

I really want to congratulate Professor Kevin on successfully managing this class. It was very interactive and the content of the class was very educational and motivational. Great work, Kevin!

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