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Reflection – Usha Jose

by on November 29, 2007

I absolutely enjoyed Kevin’s Change management class this quarter and I am really happy to have learned a lot more about the essentials of change initiatives in organizations. The course gave an excellent overview of change management issues and acquainted me with the challenges that one might face when implementing a change initiative. The course has better equipped me for encountering a change initiative – as a change agent or as someone who has to adapt to a change scenario.

The class was structured very well and all the assignments contributed immensely to the learning experience. The reaction statements inspired me to become a regular reader of business magazines like Fortune, Business week etc. It was very interesting to see topics discussed in class discussed in different media as well. The flexibility around submitting reactions was a very good option as it did not pressurize me and gave me the freedom to choose any topic that interested me and the time frame that suited me. I am glad that Kevin preferred five ‘any time reflections’ to weekly reflections. Because of the freedom associated with it, I really enjoyed writing the papers.

The books for reading were also not unnecessarily complicated. They were easy to read books illustrated well with good examples and case studies. The books also gave wonderful insights and did not detract us from reading as they were not heavy readings.

The video cases and the discussions that followed it were the best part of the class. It really made the classes interesting. In the discussion part Kevin encouraged us to speak and moreover to think on feet. The role play and group discussion helped us to think from different perspectives. The term paper made us research extensively and we enjoyed every moment of it as it added to our knowledge. Being aware of the happenings in the industry is very crucial in our work life. The book review was a good part of the course assignment as well. The best thing was that we were not asked to choose books over 500 pages or so. We were free to choose any book and as far as the ideas from the book were well assimilated into the review we were good.

On the whole I liked the class very well, and I think it is one of the classes that have interested me significantly in the MSIM curriculum. Kevin’s knowledge, experience and friendly attitude has definitely contributed to the success of the class

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