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Reflection – Sinsath Shameer

by on November 29, 2007

I very much enjoyed the talk by Mr. Ramani today and I whole heartedly thank him for taking the time to be here with us and share his experiences. He was really a source of inspiration which I too badly needed like you Rachel ‘especially at the end of quarter’. I liked the references he gave about the great leaders from India as it also brought back nice memories from the history and literature classes in my school days. He talked about Dr. Radhakrishnan – one of our great Presidents and a great teacher, on the honor of whom we celebrate the “teachers’ day” in India. It is celebrated on the 5th of September and is dedicated to pay tribute to teachers all over the country. I had mentioned this to one of my classmates that I was really taken aback during my first quarter at the MSIM program when my classmates would address our senior professors by their first names. The whole of first quarter I refrained from addressing my professors by their first names and then gradually I got used to the norm out here. This again goes back to the discussion on culture we had in class a few weeks back and I believe that majority of Indians would have faced similar dilemmas when they first started out here.

Since I’m talking about teachers, let me also take this occasion to thank Kevin for a great quarter. This class has provided us with lot of wonderful resources and techniques on change management. I enjoyed the class discussions and like most of my friends I found the video case studies to be very informative and engaging. It was a good experience to analyze on the real life cases and have a good discussion on it. I recommend watching the movie ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ based on the book Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, which is about the lives of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This was a refreshing diversion while I was researching on Apple for our term paper. It has some technical inaccuracies but overall depicts a good picture of these two personalities.

Initially I was skeptical about the book review assignment and the value of doing this exercise. But I was surprised that I really loved reading the book and was fun to analyze the points and the theories mentioned in the book. It gave me a chance to explore beyond the required readings which opened me to new ideas on change management and to relate this to the ideas mentioned in the course text books. I also liked reading the articles and reactions by my classmates posted on the blog. The blog had some flaws as also mentioned by some of my other classmates that it was difficult to track comments and to retrieve new comments. I had to keep going back to the articles to check if anyone posted comments on any articles I posted and this was frustrating. Hence, the blog failed to foster discussions but it was definitely a great knowledge sharing tool.

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