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Reflection – Lokesh Ramani

by on November 27, 2007

About Case Studies and Potential Future Additions
Over the last 10 weeks, this class has been enlightening with respect to theories, concepts, models and real-life situations about how to face change and implement change mechanisms effectively and efficiently. Apart from the assigned readings, the most important source of real-life challenges faced in organizations by business leaders have been the weekly video case studies selected by our professor. These video case studies were highly insightful, equipping the students with common challenges faced by executives and facilitating the students to voice their perspectives, strategies, solutions to tackle such challenges and comparing the students’ insights with the real solutions and strategies adopted by such business executives.

Analyzing the content and challenges presented through these video case studies, a pattern seem to emerge about all the issues we discussed about. The “human factor” was the critical component that could be drawn from most of the challenges faced by the business executives, and also the respective strategies to tackle them. Further, it appeared to me that common sense coupled with pertinent business experience may be sufficient to tackle these issues. I don’t mean to undermine the nature and complexity of such challenges, rather trying to look at the big picture needed to address emerging business issues and I am sure implementing an approach aided by common sense is definitely an effective and efficient mechanism.

In addition to the aforementioned cases, I would like to see the class deal with challenges, solutions and business frameworks related (not limited) to the below mentioned.
· Estimating Market Sizes
· Entering New Markets
· Mergers and Acquisitions
· Falling Profits
· New Product Introductions

These aforementioned problems are prevalent in higher management circles and it would be engaging to analyze and solve such cases, implementing critical business and management concepts ranging from marketing, accounting, strategy, etc. Further, cases associated with such domains facilitate reasoning that links specific management functions and the pertinent dependencies and relationships between each and how to use such dependencies to form solutions.

Further, solving such cases require some established business frameworks like the Porter’s 5 forces, the 3 C’s, SWOT analysis, etc which are everyday business tools used by management consultants to approach similar business issues. Experience and knowledge about such business cases and mechanisms to solve them would be extremely handy for students when similar topics and issues may be critical components for future assignments.

A number of interactive case-studies and solutions related to the aforementioned can be found in the following sources

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