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Reflection – Daylen Thane

by on November 27, 2007

Final Course Reflection

My final reflection is about what I have learned, liked, not liked in our current class, and ideas for future Change Management class taught by Kevin Desouza. I highly believe this class has been great. The level of engagement in which the instructor managed to involve us is amazing. I think great part of what made this class so well received by us is that Kevin is very passionate about change management issues. Furthermore, I have learned a lot through the readings and discussions of my classmates’ ideas.

I would like to start talking about our class’s blog. Even though I think it is a good idea to keep a blog as the central repository of knowledge, I was particularly bothered by the cumbersome system of trying to follow up with comments. I subscribed to the blog (RSS) so I would get updates on new posts, and that worked great; yet, following up with people’s comments was a real pain and very difficult. That only made it that I would not want to spend the time trying to find other’s comments. I would recommend using a class catalyst tool like we have had for other classes. That system worked really well before and you can see the comments as a new post instead of how we see them currently in the blog. Furthermore, I don’t know how “honestly” people would write about different change management issues since the blog is on the internet and anyone can read it. I see that it opens doors for us as well as the iSchool, but when we write (things that go on the blog), we now have to worry about the way our writing will be perceived by the internet community, as it can affect our professional career and future.

Another great addition to our class has been the CEO video case studies. These have been extremely fun to watch and analyze, and at the same time, they add content for class discussions and blog reflections. I really enjoy seeing my classmates discussing about what is the best curse of action and coming with new solutions; as well as watching the CEOs arrive with solutions we didn’t think of. The only thing about the video case studies I wasn’t 100% satisfied with was that they were about CEOs, and I feel that it will be a long time before any of us will become C-level managers. These videos give us great insight about what their jobs entail, but I would have also liked to see things I can use for entry level positions.

The books for class were very easy to follow while reading them. “The heart of Change” was extremely fun due to the many examples the authors use to demonstrate their suggestions. I really enjoyed seeing my classmates use the books as guidance when writing many of their reflections. The books used in the book reviews were extremely interesting as well. I was a bit surprised about doing a book review at the beginning of the class, but at the end, it worked out really well and I am very glad we had that assignment. Not only did I get to read a great book, but I was also able to learn a lot about other books without having to read them all from start to end.

Finally, Jill’s presentation of her independent study was just “icing on the cake”. It was extremely interesting seeing how change management can be represented by music metaphors such as the Jazz Metaphor. She was very engaging and fun, and we were all very much interested in her presentation.

In conclusion, I have learned quite a bit during this change management class. I think overall the class was really good, and I am quite positive that Kevin will be able to improve it even more after he incorporates our suggestions for the development of future classes.

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