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Reflection – Sowjanya Kodidala

by on November 21, 2007

This reflection, The Managers, talks about my job experience. In the previous classes of this course, we have talked a lot about managers. I thought of sharing my initial experiences with managers. I first interacted with managers when joined as a software trainee in a software firm while doing my undergraduate studies. I was trained on information technology skills. The main part of this reflection focuses on the way I was treated by managers.
The first day of my job as a software trainee, my program manager, Ravi asked me whether I was interested in becoming a developer or tester. I was very new to the software field as my background was Electronics and Instrumentation. I could not decide which would best fit for my career. So my program manager decided that I will be trained on both, developing and testing skills for six months. According to him, after six months I can decide in which I am interested and then concentrate on that particular field. So I was working under two mangers, Arun and Anil. Arun was directing me about testing and administering skills. Anil was directing me about developing skills.
I was taking classes on database, SQL server and testing tools in the morning from 6 to 8 A.M, and on developing languages, C++ and .NET classes from 5 to 7 P.M. In between my office hours were 9 A.M to 6 P.M. Arun was training me for testing tools and creating database. I had to report him on a daily basis. He would give me work based on the topics I learned everyday. He asked me to solve real examples using the techniques I learnt. He also requested other employees to explain me about the current project.
Anil used to check on my learning and developing programming languages. I took C++ and .NET classes simultaneously. Anil used to ask me to give a presentation on the topics I learnt every day. Initially Anil used to allocate 30 min after lunch hours. We both used to sit and he used to ask me questions after I present. Later after a week he asked me to present in front of all trainees so that they can also learn and he always used to say that he will give real world examples but he never did. After few weeks he started to come to my cubicle, he used to check what I was doing. He later asked me to come on week ends to have more practical experience. I did that for three weeks.
Arun noticed that I was more interested in testing tools and asked one of the company’s lead testers to guide me. His name was Murthy. So I was finally assisted by three people. The tester was kind enough and gave me work for half day and the allocated half day to explore myself. Murthy used to clear my doubts immediately and every Friday he used to ask me few questions on what I learnt and what I explored on my own. Later Anil changed my office cubicle right in front of his cubicle.
In between all this every week on Monday I was supposed to meet my Program Manager and tell him my status and also about the issues if I had any.
Finally I had learnt SQL server, C, C++ and .NET in six months. After my struggle for six months in an IT company I decided that I am not going to work either as a developer or tester. From the day one I did not like the idea of reporting to my boss. Knowing about my skills and my goals were to start up my own company. After doing some research I felt that I need more knowledge about managing an organization. I decided to get a masters degree in management and I had to leave my work as I needed time to prepare for GRE.
So finally I am here in UW doing my masters in information management, trying to improvise my skills for putting up a company. J
I would think the behavior of the managers is uncontrollable but I suggest all the managers need to be trained on the different ways to treat their employees. By training these skills they could turn to great managers who would liked by all employees.

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